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Taylor Swift's Family Members

Taylor swift s father grew up in Pennsylvania and met his wife in Texas. They married in 1988 in Harris, Texas. Just one year later, Taylor was born and the family would never be the same once the world learned of their little song bird.

Father - Scott K. Swift (Born March 5, 1952) :
Taylor's business genius comes from her father, Scott K. Swift. Scott Swift raduated with a business degree from the University of Delaware in 1974. He started the Swift Group, a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisory Team. Swift overseas the research and investment strategy for the Swift Group's million asset base. Swift began the Swift Group near his family's original home in Pennsylvania, but opened a new office in Nashville, Tennessee when Taylor earned her first country music recording contract with RCA records.

Taylor's doting father used his business contacts to offer a boost to his talented daughter's career. His close friendship with Michael DiMuzio, facilities manager for the Philadelphia Phillies, through their glory days as business students at the University of Delaware helped earn Taylor the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for the Philadelphia Phillies at the 2008 World Series. This National exposure helped Taylor share her voice with music executives.

Mother - Andrea Finlay Swift (Born : Cir. 1958)
Not much is written about Taylor Swift's mother, but she joins Taylor on every tour. Andrea Swift is the daughter of Marjorie Finlay, a professional opera singer. Taylor's happily reminisces about listening to her grandmother's elegant voice while growing up. She notes in interviews that her grandmother was one of her first musical influences, before listening to other country song birds like Patsy Cline and LeAnne Rimes.

The Little Brother - Austin K. Swift
 Born : March 4, 1993
As Taylors kid brother and the youngest child in their family, Austin moved with the family to Hendersonville, TN where he is a student and a freelance photographer for Getty Images. Some of his photographs of Taylor appear in publications like People magazine and Rollingstone Magazine.

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